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Phil X Signature PX-90

Phil X Signature PX-90 Pickups

The Phil X Signature Custom P-90 set, Hot and unique P-90 tone that is clear and powerful with extra grind. Built with different winding specs to optimize tone and output for the bridge and neck positions, reverse wound and reverse polarity for hum-canceling when both pickups are selected. The bridge pickup is wound with custom specs that are unmatched in the P-90 realm and exclusive to the PX-90 for tones that have never been achieved before. The Neck pickup is wound to classic P-90 specs to allow you to achieve all the legendary classic P-90 tones, this makes an extremely versatile andunique P-90 set.

Hand-wound and using tuned Alnico 5 Magnets, built around exclusive custom pole screws, precision milled parts for superior magnetic coupling, and select grade steel for all the metal components. Every pickup is painstakingly assembled with the utmost care producing a pickup that is the ultimate in quality. Every pickup features an engraved Phil X signature and is individually Serial Numbered. Two Conductor vintage Style Braided metal push back wire is used for the leads.

Options: Black or Cream Soap bar Cover.
The PX-90 is sold individually or as a matched set of two or three.

Bridge DC Resistance: 12.13k | Neck DC Resistance: 7.94k


PRICE - $120 for Bridge Pickup | $240 for Set - Neck & Bridge

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