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Phil X Signature PX-Super 8 Pickups

The PX-Super 8 humbucker is a high gain Humbucker that is super-overwound and built around super strong Alnico 8 magnets. A high gain pickup with more output and growl but also keeps some of the dynamics of lower output pickups as well as having the smooth highs that the PX8 Humbuckers are known for. And yes, Phil also thinks this pickup sounds great!

Wound on an antique winding machine with Plain Enamel wire, and using tuned Alnico 8 Magnets, built around exclusive custom pole screws, precision milled parts and select grade steel for all the components. Every pickup is painstakingly assembled with the utmost care producing a pickup that is the ultimate in quality. Every pickup features an engraved Phil X signature and is individually Serial Numbered.

Bridge: DC Resistance 15.80k

Neck: Triple Mod DC Resistance 8.2k, also works well with the 57 Experience neck

$140 for Bridge Pickup - without cover | $149 w/cover

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